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But The Tao of Badass is anything but the standard guide to getting girls. It is a bold and daring instructional tool that provides men the tips and tricks needed to seduce any woman instantly, and boost their self confidence. The guide was designed to help men break out of their shells. To stop fearing women and rejection and gain the assurance that they can get whoever they want, whenever they want. Josh Pellicer is the author of the program. He is a well known dating expert who knows that his program works because he implemented it himself. Like the men he aims to help, he too used to be shy and unhappy because of his lack of confidence. After months of research on psychology, women, and conducting endless field research himself, he perfected The Tao of Badass. So should you trust his advice? He helps men change their perceptions about women by revealing little known secrets about the female psyche.

Banky W – Find You + Be My Lover (Yes/No Pt. 2) feat. Niyola

Mass murderer Adam Lanza, 20, was a ticking time bomb, people who knew him told the Daily News. He was subject to outbursts from what I recall. He was socially awkward and at times unstable, but also extraordinarily bright. The mass murderer, identified by authorities as Ryan Lanza, packed a pair of weapons and blasted his teacher mom before opening fire on her students inside the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT. His antics irked several residents. Burn in hell, Adam.

MP4 video download for Niyola – Love to Love You (ft. Banky W). After weeks of anticipation, the video for Niyola’s Love To Love You was released, today Thursday August 14, on popular video sharing platform Vevo. The.

Why has thou forsaken me? How can a man with whom we had gone through the highs and the lows-a man who had professed so much undying love for me over the past six years just walk away like that? He was said to have ended their six year-old relationship. How mean and callous can one get? I was looking forward to that with eagerness and then he just walked away. But that should not have made him to do what he did. Keturah said she feels used and dumped. It was an act, but now I feel as if Jim set me up.

He is a wicked man. I stood by him through all his troubles and tribulations. I helped bring him to the limelight when the light of his career was dimming. He is an ingrate and I leave him to God. They have been hooking up in Ghana. I have not been able to accept this and I am truly in a state of shock.

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On June 28, , Nokia was the top selling mobile-phone company in the world, people stopped working when they left their computers, Android phones didn’t exist, and high-powered executives were addicted to thumbing on their BlackBerrys. The next day, Apple’s first iPhone went on sale. But five years later, the phone’s dramatic impact can be seen in our daily lives, schools, factories and boardrooms. To date, more than million iPhones have been sold, and they’re being used by construction workers to read blueprints, doctors to diagnose patients, governments to improve services and parents to quiet their kids in restaurants.

Conversation starters and wannabe moves are for sissies, says the Super Fella as he hauls out his dark book and shares with you, the genuine craft of smooth talking, being a tease and winning over ladies.

Mansir Yusuf, male who was dressed in a woman dress was arrested shortly after the blast on Wednesday. The military issued a statement accusing Yusuf of being behind the attack. The suspect’s mother, Zubeida Yusuf who lives in Mando, Kaduna said the military mistook her son for terror because he was found wearing female clothes. She said her son was under demonic attack which made him to act strangely and became fond of women’s dress. Yusuf was wearing long robe and head cover and carrying a hand bag when he was arrested.

He was severely beaten and stabbed with knife by a mob before he was picked up by soldiers. What is wrong with him is an evil spiritual attack which is making him to prefer women’s clothing and to act as one who is mentally retarded. Everyone in Mando knows that he only has a spiritual condition that is making him to act strangely. He usually carries his bag. He has been taken to the Village Head several times and has been flogged in the hope to cast away the spirits, but the spirits have remained and have continued to torment him,” Zubeida told Daily Trust.

According to her, they were at home on Wednesday when they heard of the bomb blast in Kawo and people were running there.

My album will be one of the best this year’, Says Shaydee

These emotion inducing story plots take hold of our hearts and allow us to see the beauty and tragedy of romance. Usually paired with a box of tissues and a big tub of popcorn, these movies are good to watch with your significant other or maybe even with someone whom you want to be a significant other to. So kick back, and reminisce with us as we venture through our 25 most romantic movies ever.

Viewers will get to see how the most powerful man in the world falls into awkward situations just so that he can pursue his love. Class and well thought out dialogues makes The American President a highly enjoyable romantic film. They hit it off right away which makes Henry believe that he finally met the girl of his dreams until he discovers that Lucy has short term memory loss and forgets him every day.

Taylor Swift Lost Virginity To Jake Gyllenhaal, Left Devastated When HeWas A No-Show To Her 21st Birthday (PHOTO).

I have listened to this album 6 times now, 5 times in a row yesterday and the last time, this morning. I honestly tried to shorten it. In order to save my final judgement, lerrus begin: I refused to listen to the leaked version till the original version was released and I believe anyone who has listened to both will tell you the original is way better. Wizkid, is flawless, as usual Skales, was just Skales being a boss and I loved it!.

Banky was just the icing to the cake and he had some pretty deep punchlines “your girl spent the night at mine, make her breakfast”. I thought he did a phenomenal job.

Video: DJ Xclusive ft Banky W, Niyola – Tonight

Many top Record labels have failed terribly because they build their business around 1 major artisteinstead of trying to grow all the artistes signed under the label. Things will start going bad and the reputation of the Label will start noise-diving and everything will eventually collapse. Trouble started between Wizkid and EME in after they had issues with the way funds is being shared between both parties including the manager. The issue was later resolved but not too long after, trouble started again in the camp which sees Wizkidfinally exiting the Label.

US artists are taking more notice of the African music scene and the most recent is US rap star Chingy who on saturday announced a collaboration with the legend 2Face .

They are married secret lovers who were found dead inside a vehicle in the Ogba area of Lagos State on Sunday, October 29, The possible cause of their deaths is being awaited, as autopsy is being carried out on their corpses. The lovers before the unfortunate incident lived in the same compound in Sonola- Aguda area of Ogba, owned by Olayinka’s father who was also a close friend of Nnena’s husband.

Lukman and his alleged mistress, said to be a married woman with kids, were believed to be engaging in sex when the sad incident occurred. According to new information gathered, the lovers may not have died of voodoo or exhaustion as many have been peddling since the unholy discovery was made. A new finding, revealed that the faulty Air Conditioner in the car may have been the cause of the death of the alleged lovers.

The main thing to watch out, we gathered, is the accumulation of carbon monoxide which can be caused by a leak from the exhaust. Carbon Monoxide is noted to be poisonous to the blood, but an increase in CO levels in the car could actually compromise the amount of oxygen reaching the blood. This, in turn, results in the blood carrying more carbon monoxide which ultimately leads to a shock or in severe cases sudden death.

In fact, even in the case of a car with a well-working AC system, the air circulation in closed spaces can be compromised.

Tonto Dikeh & singer Fresh Dollar spark dating rumour as they shower each other with love (Video)

You can bookmark this page URL http: I almost got in so much trouble because the guys in Dubai are so cute. It was like a private airport.

year-old actress Vivica Fox is reportedly dating a young man almost 20 years her junior, Dailymail he’s not just any youngie, he is well known child star who played the part of Bobby in the Nickolodeon series, Cousin Skeeter.

City People Magazine is calling for nominees from both Ghana and Nigeria. Send in your nominees via email to editorial citypeoplegroup. Below are the categories: Speaking on the Delay Show, the singer who was sometime reported as having two wives, said polygamous men in his view are responsible men, who are not ashamed to take responsibility of their children and wives. Such attitude, according to him, prevents broken homes and fosters marital harmony.

He went further to admit his involvement with two women at a particular time, but said the relationship had to be called off due to lack of understanding among them. He is currently married to one of them and has four children. The artiste attributed the experiences in his childhood in Northern Ghana and the culture of his ethnic group as the basis for his beliefs on marriage, adding that there could only be harmony in a polygamous marriage, if the parties involved understood each other.

The gorgeous actress took Jessica on a joy ride when she answered questions related to her career, love life and the controversies. VGMAs because I was involved in an accident on my way there. Reacting to rumors that she has been bleaching, she explained that the use of filters on Instagram among other things make her look a bit fairer and that she has not bleached.

MUSIC: Niyola ft. Pasuma – Jo (Dance)

Related Music Tour Guide: Get all the concert, tour dates for your favourite… This year has witnessed just about every form of friction and discord possible. Stage rants and call-outs, family feud, marital breakdowns, baby mama drama, social media rants, accusations of music plagiarism, police arrest and detention on allegations of fraud — the list is endless! We will be the first to admit that music stars are humans like the rest of us and are not infallible.

divorce is the only option by pastor kingsley okonkwo [love, dating & marriage] november edition Our Text is taken from Malachi 2 vs. 14 ‘I want a divorce’ is a statement that was once a taboo. Now, it readily comes to the lips o.

The last good glimpse Nigerians had of Goldie was of her photos on the red carpet of the 55th Grammy Awards, where she appeared as a woman full of life. Her death four days later on Valentine’s Day was one hell of a shock for her fans, friends and family. Her demise evoked a volcano of mixed feeling as many haters took to the social media to further hex the soul of the deceased.

In the wake of the Valentine’s Day tragedy, damning reports began to emerge: Goldie’s untimely death stirred a storm of controversies that cannot simply be wished away. The big question revolves around her marriage. Before her death, if you’d ask showbiz followers about Goldie’s marital status, two out of three responses would be “single. Indeed,the Skibobo singer created a cloud of deceit around her marital status.

During press conferences, questions about her marital status were curtly cut off.

Adesua Etomi

The party charged the opposition to use the vehicle of their new party to challenge PDP elected and appointed officers to debates on government projects and achievements so that at the end of the day, Nigerians will be the utmost beneficiaries of the nation’s political developments. The ruling party said as the biggest party in West Africa, it welcomes the development as an indication that the nation’s democracy has come of age and is deepening.

This is yet another victory to our democracy. It shows that our democracy has come of age. We hope that from now we will see robust debates on the economy and other issues of governance,” the party said. It said it is ready and willing at anytime to debate on any issue pertaining to the economy or any other issue that will bring out positive suggestions to move the nation forward.

Oct 24,  · He says they met in a bathroom and the rest was W took to Instagram to gush about.

Blogging about my Life and the things that affect me. Monday, July 16, Is the Internet making us go crazy? Studies suggest that Internet use can result in structural changes in our brains. Should we be concerned? Now, a story by Tony Dokoupil over at The Daily Beast takes things a step further and asserts that use of the Internet may actually be the cause of the issues, not simply an effect. The brains of Internet addicts, it turns out, look like the brains of drug and alcohol addicts.

A parallel study found similar changes in the brains of videogame addicts. And worse, the shrinkage never stopped: And all of us, since the relationship with the Internet began, have tended to accept it as is, without much conscious thought about how we want it to be or what we want to avoid. Those days of complacency should end. The Internet is still ours to shape. Our minds are in the balance.

Davido, Simi, Olamide lead nominations at the 12th edition of The Headies

Universities Open Registers For Lecturers As the deadline given by Federal Government to the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, to call off the six month-old strike or be sacked expires tomorrow, several universities have opened registers to be signed by the lecturers even as the leadership of ASUU insisted that the strike will continue. Lectures were held in the Department of History and the Faculty of Education as time table for the session has been released by the university authority.

The university, in a reminder, by the Registrar, Mr. Bamidele Olotu confirmed the resumption of lectures. Olotu said in a statement that: Photo by Dare Fasube Some of the academic staff who spoke with the Information Unit of the university but would not want their names in print confirmed that they had resumed for work and that they attended the faculty board meetings held on Monday and Tuesday last week.

Listen Niyola Without registration Online! Download Niyola mp3 free, fast and safe.

The Case of Aspartame The dangers of aspartame are known to few and it is gradually affecting the health of many. There are brands using this sweetener in their products, to replace sugar. Its side effects are actually worse than consuming sugar itself. Always read the labels on consumables. I had to make the painful but far safer decision to dump one of my favourite yoghurts when I saw it contains aspartame, and this particular brand is consumed by so many.

The products easily affected are those termed or called sugar-free soda, chewing gums, cereals, etc.

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