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Seoul, South Korea Services: Publishing records, entertainment agency Revenue: During their early years, the company put out groups such as Keep Six, Jinusean, and most notably 1TYM, who was credited with bringing hip hop to the Korean mainstream. The label followed with releases from Perry, Swi. It was revealed many years later that YG Entertainment had many secret relationships amongst its artists. The company then turned its focus on creating its first idol group Big Bang. However, Wheesung felt neglected and left the company in Big Bang debuted as the youngest group at the time average age of 17 with lukewarm reception. Taeyang was the best selling solo artist of

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AceShowbiz — Falling in love may be the happiest time for most of people. Fans of the South Korean superstars most of the time find it hard to learn their favorites date, so whenever a new dating scandal emerges online, all hell breaks loose in the entire K-Pop industry. The situation gets worse if the scandal involves big stars with massive fandom. Cube Entertainment, the agency for the two singers, initally denied the rumors.

A life without dating Junhyung you were okay with, even though that was hard enough as it is. But knowing that he might not be a part of your life at all You .

Using a hand gel cleanser is a must for Doojoon, especially after the H1N1 epidemic. It has now became a habit. Doojoon does not believe in quitting after a failure. When a issue occurs, the leader, Doojoon, will gather everyone and settle the issues thoroughly. The members all agreed to the fact that Doojoon is probably the most animal-like member in their group. Doojoon wakes up first every morning and then wakes up all of the other members.

Doojoon thinks that being a leader is burdensome yet he still tries his very best. Doojoon can play the piano.

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‘Barbie Ulzzang’ Kim Seul Mi dan Park Eun Ji ‘mirip’ Goo Hara telah mengungkapkan bahwa mereka sedang mempersiapkan untuk debut sebagai penyanyi. Sebuah komunitas situs portal memegang audisi mencari anggota untuk membentuk kelompok gadis dengan kedua ulzzangs.

An omnibus romance drama that features Five different love stories starring by members of idol group KARA. Themes touched in the drama series involve first love. Breaking the biggest stories in celebrity and entertainment news. Get exclusive access to the latest stories, photos, and video as only TMZ can. Baek Jiyoung has made a successful comeback after she was pitilessly ostracized by the public at the end of , when a video clip that showed her having. Free online dating and matchmaking service for singles.

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Published October 17, by fanfiction Cast: Sad, Romance, Real couple, Fluff Note: Another junhara FF, i looooooved them somuch.. Aku masih ingat hari itu pada Juni Sebuah media pers menemukan kami sedang kencan dipagi buta.

Kim Hyo-jung (born December 11, ), better known by her stage name Hyolyn, is a South Korean singer-songwriter now under the management of her own self-started production company Bridʒ. She is best known as a former member and leader of the South Korean girl .

Dengan formasi enam orang, yaitu Junhyung, Doojoon, Yoseob, Gikwang, Hyunseung, serta Dongwoon, boyband ini beraktivitas di dunia K-Pop dan membawakan berbagai lagu hits yang masih digemari hingga kini. Tak hanya dikenal sebagai rapper grup, cowok yang memililki beberapa tato di tubuhnya ini juga dikenal sebagai singer-songwriter. Lagu-lagu yang mereka buat, contohnya, ‘ Di bulan April , Hyunseung resmi dinyatakan hengkang dari grup. Cube Entertainment tidak banyak menjelaskan mengenai alasan di balik keluarnya penyanyi bertubuh kurus itu.

Tidak hanya harus memikirkan distribusi nyanyian dalam lagu-lagu yang sudah mereka rilis, grup ini juga harus memikirkan mengenai langkah mereka selanjutnya. Dalam title track atau lagu andalan album itu, Junhyung sebagai penulis lagu, menuliskan kisah mengenai hubungan yang diibaratkan sebagai tali. Meski sebelumnya terjaga erat, namun akhirnya hubungan itu lepas juga bagaikan tali.

Terkait tema tersebut, Junhyung hanya mengatakan, “Aku menggunakan tali sebagai perumpamaan hubungan antara sepasang kekasih”. Mereka memilih untuk tidak memperpanjang kontrak eksklusif bersama perusahaan yang telah menaungi mereka sejak masa sebelum debut dan melangkah sendiri dengan perusahaan yang baru. Tak lama setelahnya, mereka juga mengumumkan akan beraktivitas dengan nama grup baru, yaitu Highlight.

Setelah memulai langkah baru bersama Highlight, dapat dikatakan bahwa Junhyung juga memulai eksperimen baru dalam karier musiknya.

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Just someone who likes to write about Beast in scenario form. Junhyung Your heart broke in a million pieces when you read the news. Or at least over the phone.

b2st b2uty JUNHYUNG and Hara (kara) IN LOVE It was recently confirmed by Cube Entertainment and DSP Media that Beast‘s Yong Junhyung and KARA‘s Goo Hara, were dating. During KARA difficulties with DSP Media, Hara treated Junhyung as a mentor and he comforted her.

Share Highlight is a kpop band which has its origin in Seoul, South Korea. This band was also known as Beast, or B2ST, which entered in to the field of music in the year The five-member group was under labels Cube Entertainment and Universal until Beast originally started with 6 members, but Jang Hyun-seung left in early They picked the name Highlight Their many mind blowing performances have won the group various awards and the support of plenty people.

He is a good singer as well as an established actor. He has been active in the field of music ever since Initially he started his career as a trainee in JYP Entertainment. Yoon Doo-joon is not interested to have a public relationship. As of now he is not in any relationship. He feels that any kind of relationship might affect his career as well as his family members.

The reason behind their seperation is not known to the media. He had given an interview regarding his break up that he was doing well after the end of his relationship. Moreover, they have decided to remain friends.

2011: The Year of Scandal

She is best known for being a former member of Korean pop girl group Kara and for portraying Choi Da-hye, the president’s daughter, on City Hunter in Hara released her debut mini album “Alohara” in July Before debuting, she participated in SM ‘s youth appearance tournament in In , she auditioned for JYP , however, she lost the runoff.

May 02,  · It’s already been days since we started dating It’s still a bit awkward between us Today I have a date with you for the first time in a while What do I do, what do I do, the sun is already setting Every day, every night – when will we get a bit closer?

Although it took Ong a long time to prepare for his proposal, it paid off when Danker agreed to marry him. Following a presentation by the Squadron Precision Drill with Arms Team, cadets formed up on the parade square for photographs, then ceremoniously tossed their squadron commander in the pond. That kind of growth and commitment to sticking within the system Caribou took an early lead when sophomore Kristen Plante led off the top of the second with a single, advanced to third on a single by junior Jamie Martin and scored on an RBI groundout to second base by senior Sare Dambois.

Yeo double clinches hard fought win Yeo double clinches hard fought win Fullback Jamie Gibbs added the extras to reduce the deficit to six points and conclude the scoring of a highly entertaining first half. That seemed to inspire Haney’s men after the break as the Terriers came out of the sheds a side full of intent. Dykstra pleads not guilty to drugs, theft Dykstra pleads not guilty to drugs, theft Report: Minnesota hires Yeo to coach A person with knowledge of the decision says the Minnesota Wild hired Mike Yeo as head coach.

Yeo will be the third coach in club history and will replace Todd Richards, who was fired after two years without a New Yahoo Mail ups social integration, mobile optimization New Yahoo Mail ups social integration, mobile optimization By mid-June, all million Yahoo Mail accounts worldwide will sport the new features, according to Karen Yeo, product marketing manager of Yahoo Southeast Asia. In an interview and demo with ZDNet Asia, she noted the importance of introducing these The bold hire for a team that has missed the playoffs for three consecutive years comes after Yeo Yeo led the Aeros to the American Hockey League finals.

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Interview the woman who still wants to marry Still Marry Me atau The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry berkisah tentang kehidupan tiga orang wanita berusia 30an yang masih melajang karena ambisi mereka dalam mengejar karir. Aktris senior dan aktor baru berkolaborasi dalam serial drama ini. Dan diantara deretan nama itu ada Kim Bum! Aku nggak bakal banyak membahas seputar dramanya.

B2ST’s member Junhyung commented, “Since there are so many girl groups, it’s really hard to pick just one. However, the most talked about girl group is miss A.” .

He is a member of South Korean boy group Beast. Biography Junhyung was born in Seoul , South Korea. He changed his birth name Yong Jae-soon Hangul: He was featured in various singles as a rapper for artists such as labelmates Hyuna ‘s “Change” [3] and G. The group has released a total of 8 extended plays: The song was written in the hip-hop style, and was co-produced by Junhyung and Kim Taejoo.

The song tells the story of a man who must overcome the pain of being betrayed by a woman he loved.

12 Asian pop star scandals that broke the a little while

Link IU and Eunhyuk’s scandal is bringing Goo Hara’s past ‘pension scandal’ back to light, and I did a few Google searches on it and didn’t find anything so I thought I’d post it up. Granted, it’s all CIA work done by netizens so you have to start reading with the anticipation that it’s going to be extremely petty and stupid, but it is a huge part of what makes up Goo Hara’s image and explains the best replies most of her articles lately are getting.

Basically, you mention pension and Koreans will assume sex was involved. The scandal starts with when Goo Hara was 17 years old [a minor], she updated her mini-homepage with a picture of her kissing her then boyfriend. For their anniversary and her birthday, she uploaded a series of photos of what looks like a stay at a pension together.

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You can tell right away. Sports Seoul via Nate1. Top star A is known for overcoming some steep obstacles thanks to the luck she’s fared with her male co-stars. All of the male co-stars she’s worked with have always made sure to clear the films et of any drama by demanding that everyone “gives in to A’s demands”. Normally, actors will get into conflict over the order of names in the ending credits but all of the male actors A’s worked with have made sure that she gets all of her demands met.

A only had one incident where things didn’t quite go her way, and it was when a male co-star was frustrated with her lack of acting skills, which he was open about expressing. One insider said, “The reason A is so cranky now is because she suffered a lot during her rookie days. Since time has passed now, she should open her heart to more people. Singer B has never once gotten into a scandal since his debut and keeps his private life under wraps.

Because of his unusually clean image, rumors have begun sprouting about him possibly being gay. As it turns out, he’s actually a pro about hiding his relationships. B was in a long term relationship with actress C but broke up with her and hasn’t dated anyone since. One insider said, “It’s because he dated only one person for so long that there haven’t been much rumors about his dating life.

When you’re in love with him but he’s dating (sad scenario request) : Junhyung.

O casal mais fofo do Kpop, Hara e JunHyung, terminaram seu namoro. Somos quase escravas… MK: Liguei para o Ju e conversamos sobre o que eu falei na TV… pausa emocionada ele estava triste por levar uma bronca da sua empresa, mas continuava afirmando que tudo daria certo.

He was also in the top 10 of his class. •When asked in an interview what was the best thing he‘d heard in awhile he replied “Live tickets sold out.” •He hates goldfish, bees, and cockroaches. •He was in the drama “You‘re Beautiful” along side label mate Hong Ki of F.T Island. •He was in.

TBA “Secret Love” is written as an Omnibus Mini-Series consisting of 5 episodes, focusing on the ups-and-downs of love relationships such as a first love, breakups, secret crushes, etc. Each episode features a member of the girl group KARA, teamed up with a leading man. They have an argument and Ji Hye decides to break up with him, but the next day he passes away in a car accident.

One year after his death, Ji Hye decides to jump from an apartment rooftop out of her feelings of guilt. But when she arrives at the 7th floor, she finds herself back to the time when she was 7 years old. When she arrives on the 22nd floor, she is 22 years old, the time when she met Hyun Woong for the first time. Ji Hye decides to attempt to save Hyun Woong from his destined death. But when she discovers that she only has three months left to live she creates a bucket list so that she can live a life without regrets, and becomes a braver, extraordinary woman in the process.

One day, So Yeol and her friends are dancing on the stage at her school festival. Despite the dizzying, dazzling lights, they continue dancing. Suddenly So Yeol falls onstage and is rushed to the emergency room. As her heartbeat stops, she dreams of walking down a cherry blossom road in an unknown place. While the doctors try to revive her, So Yeol embarks on a fantastical journey to find her true love.

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