Kobe Bryant Says He Views Michael Jordan as a ‘Big Brother’

Data for each of these shots is publicly available from NBA. Using DataRobot, we instantly loaded this data and explored every shot he ever took. We looked at where he shot from, when the shot was taken, against who and ultimately, how likely that shot was to go in. Although Bryant is now retired, precise exploratory data analysis can help teams and athletes uncover insights to improve future performance. Knowing what to look for and what constitutes actionable insight is half the battle. How do off-court issues affect on-court performance?


What is wrong with us? Kobe Bryant now has the third most points in NBA history. We are blessed game in and game out with watching the third greatest scorer in NBA history continue to perform his mastered skill. There will come a day, probably a year and a half from now, when we will never have the chance to watch this man play again. For 19 seasons now, he has been criticized on every level. Perhaps no player in the history of this league, and maybe in all of sports, has been so criticized for his greatness.

Kobe Bryant made an extremely rare appearance on the Sunset Strip for New Year’s Eve — and he did it with his sometimes estranged wife Vanessa Bryant. Kobe and Vanessa — both dressed to the.

Kobe Bryant is a stark reminder of that. It must suck to be so broke. Ironically, Kobe Bryant may have a point. Years ago, Patrick Ewing told a reporter that he could barely afford to feed his family on what the New York Knicks were paying him. As sports fans, we tolerate the multi-million dollar salaries. We even talk with our buddies about the contract a particular athlete just signed.

We willfully spend our money on jerseys and game tickets and television packages, budgeting ourselves just such an allowance. While counting his millions, perhaps Mr. Bryant should consider the high-profile college athlete. Take, for example, Tim Tebow, Johnny Manziel and Jameis Winston who made unimaginable profits for their respective universities while never receiving a dime, at least not legally.

When we discuss whether college athletes should be paid, we can almost feel sympathetic for their plight. Sure, they live the Life of Riley while on campus, bedding whatever co-ed they want except, of course, for Tebow and sneaking under-aged into whichever bars they please again, except for Tebow. Fortunately for them, I know better than to determine their net worth by their bank accounts. It is far more than the rest of us bring home in a lifetime.

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The Fast Break — Jan. Kobe cancels out Rio, speaks on other topics No. Are they better off trading CJ McCollum? The thinking is both McCollum and Damian Lillard are smallish guards who collectively run into defensive matchup problems, and since both are scorers, the Blazers could trade one to shore up the front court. Portland also has a potential first-round lottery pick as trade bait but theoretically would have to wait until the draft to make that deal.

And even as Olshey feels stuck on a refusal to part with any of his future draft picks, the Blazers general manager should be quietly shopping McCollum, gauging his trade value.

Jun 14,  · — Kobe Bryant (@kobebryant) June 14, If this is indeed the last chapter for Bryant, that may not mean he’s headed into the final season of his career. On radio, he recently suggested he’d consider playing a total of two seasons.

While I agree Lebron was great right away as a rookie, I believe there’s a lot more to Kobe Bryant’s first few years that people have forgotten or were not around to witness. Kobe Bryant would have made an instant impact and became an instant star his rookie and sophomore year, but there are a few reasons as to why that didn’t happen, and it had almost nothing to do with Kobe’s basketball abilities.

He came in an era where coming out of High School was still fairly new. Nobody was given instant starters minutes, even if the team was horrible. KG didn’t even start all of his games his rookie season, and his team was Look at what all these Coaches and GMs are saying about Kobe and any high schooler coming straight into the league. Kobe Bryant was the first guard to ever be drafted straight out of high school. The other people drafted out of high school before him were all PFs and Centers.

Kobe Bryant got drafted then traded to the lakers, his head coach Del Harris did not like the concept of high schoolers coming to the NBA. Even if Kobe worked twice as hard as his peers, he still wasn’t going to get the due respect from Del Harris. I suggest everyone to watch the “Beyond the Glory” documentary about Kobe, this documentary is especially good because it is pre-rape case documentary, it came out after his championship.

Kobe Bryant Explains Current Relationship With His Parents & Sisters

Hayward made a bounce pass to Booker, who creatively and instinctively tipped the ball with both hands and flipped it up and over his head in the nick of time. Incredibly, the ball plopped into the net, helping the Jazz take a lead into the break. But Booker was buoyant afterward about his team as well as that shot. Tarpley was the seventh player picked in the NBA Draft — five spots after Len Bias, the poster guy for squandered dreams and tragic ends even today.

Others taken early that day included Chris Washburn and William Bedford, two more whose careers washed out to substance abuse.

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News , Nike Five time champion Kobe Bryant continues his success with the basketball market. Since then, the Kobe A. For years, Kobe enthusiast have been asking Nike Basketball to retro his older models and our sources indicate that it will happen sometime in with the Zoom Kobe 1. We have no word yet on what colorways will return, but expect Nike Basketball to go all-in with this retro with quickstrike drops and limited releases.

The Nike Zoom Kobe 1 would be welcomed with open arms by fans of new and old. The Kobe 1 was his first signature sneaker so this will be special for his brand when it drops. The Prelude Pack was meant to highlight certain points in your career. Is there any expectation for more down the line? The reason why it made sense for this was because of the story we are trying to tell.

Showtime Revs Up Nonfiction With Docs on Bob Dylan, Kobe Bryant, Marlon Brando

The NBA Sunday game of the week, which was seemingly always Lakers versus Celtics in the mid-to-late Eighties, helped ease the tensions of my bi-weekendly trips to visit my Dad and step family. I preferred the Lakers fluid style of play with Magic Johnson gracefully pushing the ball up the court and passing to A.

Green or James Worthy for an easy layup under the basket sometimes without even looking at the recipient of the pass to the more methodical half court sets of the Celtics. They had to run off multiple picks or make nifty backdoor cuts to get open. They bent over tugging the bottoms of their tiny shorts while catching their breath during dead balls.

The House of Mamba’s Kobe Bryant court is amazing August 19, · AM ET ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — A few months back we took a look at the new court the Charlotte Hornets were introducing next season for use in their arena, specially designed with a Hornets theme.

James had 19 points in the first quarter to set the tone, the Lakers led by as many as 21 and never trailed. His last shot was a footer with 16 seconds left, capping the 13th point game of his career — including playoffs — and he threw the ball skyward at midcourt when time expired. He was when facing the Heat since; his teams were , when including the three Cleveland-Miami games that he sat out for various reasons. Wayne Ellington scored 19 points for Miami , which has dropped four straight home games and is off to its second-worst start in the last 12 years.

Goran Dragic missed the game for Miami because of a right knee problem, one that will be further evaluated Monday. He made eight of his first nine shots and had the whole arsenal working; dunks in transition, stepback 3-pointers, turnarounds from the baseline. But the biggest shot for the Lakers might have come from Brandon Ingram with 3: Miami had clawed within eight and the shot clock was about to expire on the Lakers, but Ingram connected on a long jumper from the left wing to make it From there, the only drama was whether James would get

Tracy McGrady works out with Kobe Bryant as test for possible comeback

Tiny is that you? Life is a struggle, but you try to do right by the people you love. However, if it becomes habitual, I will begin to look at you sideways!! Folks kill me with that the poorer you marry the happier you will be and the less problems you will have. Stop the madness please. Being poor creates all kinds of problems.

John Cena and Kobe Bryant are more similar than you think. John Cena and Kobe Bryant are more similar than you think Finds Out She Spent All of His $k on GoFundMe Money to Stunt on Gram & Be a Sugar Mama to Her Boyfriend (Video) John Cena is Kobe Bryant. December 31, December 31, Robert Littal NBA, John Cena, WWE, Kobe.

Expectations were raised and rarely met and, as a result, more than a few careers are unfairly considered utter disappointments. They are listed chronologically and are ranked on a scale of 1 Harold Miner to 23 His Airness. Harold Miner Career stats: He played in Miami for three years after getting drafted 12 overall by the Heat in , and he also had a game stint with the Cleveland Cavaliers before getting bounced out of the league.

In fairness, he only played Last I heard, he was living in seclusion in the Las Vegas desert. Penny Hardaway Career stats: Hardaway was chosen third overall in the draft by the Golden State Warriors, but was immediately traded to the Orlando Magic for Chris Webber. Orlando turned out to be too small for both Penny and Shaq so the big man bolted for LA, and the season after Shaq left was the last time Penny averaged better than 20 ppg.

Aside from that, Hardaway should be docked another point just for having a first name like Anfernee. Grant Hill Career stats: Hill was always humble when people compared him to Jordan and usually deflected such talk.

The Week In Music: Where’s The Kobe Bryant We Used To Know?

Aug 17, at Now, Coca-Cola is throwing its money behind the new brand as a minority shareholder. According to market research data, the Pepsi-owned drink represents nearly 75 percent of the U. No other product has even come close to that number.

According to Land of Basketball, Kobe Bryant, a basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers, has five championship rings as of He earned one for the years of to , to , to , to and to

Gary Vitti and Kobe Bryant ponder a glum future. New coach Byron Scott, even, could make a difference with his vocal defensive bluster and Princeton-y offense. Two players that were drafted into the NBA before Bill Clinton was even elected to a second term as president, and two Lakers that missed a combined games in with an assortment of injuries that are usually rare to NBA players. Kobe is of course coming off the left Achilles tear on April 12, , and the small knee fracture on Dec. Not that he needs any more motivation.

Kobe Bryant is a brilliant basketball player. Kobe Bryant is a great athlete, but there were actually players that were more athletic than Kobe. It’s in his mind and his heart and soul. He just has something about him that most people don’t. No matter what you think of Kobe Bryant, he’s extremely athletic, extremely talented, works harder than anyone else, is tough as nails and intellectually brilliant.

You can’t take those five things away from him. When you put them all together, you end up with a very, very successful person. I’ll take the dude with the five things. The dude also has five rings.

Kobe Bryant: LA Lakers star surpasses Michael Jordan

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Rumors are one thing, but BOSSIP sources with intimate knowledge of the situation have confirmed for us that Nelly and Shantel ARE a couple and have been dating for several months now in the wake of her separation from boxing champ Floyd Mayweather earlier this year.

The two sparred in their first three seasons playing together from — O’Neal told the Lakers when Bryant arrived, “I’m not gonna be babysitting. Some teammates interpreted Bryant’s confidence as arrogance. Lakers coach Del Harris had designed the Laker offense around the rookie Bryant, who went on to shoot four air balls. Harris explained that Bryant’s one-on-one skills made him the best choice. The Lakers struggled after the All-Star break, losing seven of their first 12 games, and Bryant had a stretch where he made only 30 of shots.

O’Neal wanted a championship immediately, and he did not want to wait for Bryant to mature as a player. The Lakers were eliminated in the playoffs in the conference finals after they were swept by the Jazz, 4—0. Bryant was always a physical player during practice. Other players, though, disliked Bryant’s approach to practice.

Fisher said, “That was really the way we all should have been playing. Fisher said neither O’Neal nor Bryant really started it, as they were both being physical. At one point, O’Neal pointed at Bryant and told reporters in the locker room, “There’s the problem. Experience is the best teacher

Kobe Bryant’s Diary: The Cross That Greatness Bears

The Clash of Incredible Talent and Drive vs. Jalen Rose mentioned that Kobe tearing a rotator cuff on a simple dunk is an issue: But in classic Kobe fashion, the work ethic and drive will not stop him. In lieu of attending Lakers games while rehabbing his injury, Kobe has opted for appearances with the likes of Jimmy Kimmel on late-night TV. Kobe pours his heart and soul into basketball unlike any player save maybe Michael Jordan.

The Internet just had to have it. Early Tuesday morning (Jan. 21), Kobe Bryant and Nicki Minaj’s brand new ESPN Magazine cover leaked on the World Wide Web.

He is recuperating from an injury that required surgical repair, and since has been sidelined by a torn Achilles tendon dating back to April Bryant has sat out the start of the season thus far and is looking to return to the court soon. In the month of his most recent injury, Kobe was averaging 45 minutes of playing time a game out of the total 48 minutes. Having that amount of stress placed on the body in a short period of time, an overuse injury was bound to happen.

Through aggressive rehab, Kobe was faced with the feat of recovering from surgery to the largest tendon of the human body—the Achilles tendon. It has been shown that players with the same surgery have shown a significant decline in playing time and overall performance, which places even more pressure on the future Hall of Famer.

Injury causing a rupture to the tendon may occur by a sudden burst of intense activity, such as jumping or planting your foot to change directions while playing basketball. After any traumatic injury, severity of the injury and determining whether emergency surgery is required is always a priority. The non-surgical approach consists of being in a cast or functional brace to decrease stress to the area while it heals.

There are two different surgical techniques for a ruptured Achilles tendon. Both approaches concentrate on repair of the tendon, but one is minimally invasive and the other is considered an open surgical technique. Surgery in itself has shown to provide the athlete with a better chance of returning to pre-injury level of activity. As for Kobe Bryant, the decision for surgery was made within days of the injury.

Kobe Bryant Full Highlights at Warriors (2014.11.01) – 28 Pts, 3rd Qtr Cheese!