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6 Pro Wrestlers Who Went Crazier Outside The Ring Than In It

Who’s enriched our large, ever-growing team of sexy athletic amazons? Nemesis Yola Trinity Pandora Daenerys! What did wrestling Santa bring us? Introducing Daphne , Cassandra , Lostris and Scorpi! UK session wrestling fans, we’re coming to London!

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In largely rural Oklahoma, amateur wrestling was less an inheritance from ancient civilizations and more a product of high spirits, brawny young men, and barnyard scuffling. It became a singular sport for a rowdy young state. Farmhands called it “catch-as-catch-can” and gladly graduated to roped rings with rough canvas mats, long before the advent of high-tech mats and protective headgear. Over the last eighty years traditional wrestling has brought Oklahoma more national and international wrestling medals, trophies, titles, and championships than any other state.

Since twelve Oklahomans have stood on the top step to receive Olympic gold medals. The sport of wrestling has a long and noble history. Charlemagne, William the Conqueror, and Peter the Great enjoyed and encouraged it. Oklahoma’s Carl Albert also distinguished himself in the sport. Wrestling historian Mihaly Biro asserts that abroad, wrestling is deemed “a living antiquity. In Oklahoma wrestling matches do not use historical practices such as the ancient Greek method of urging wrestlers on with a whip or early Chinese wrestling attire of ornate masks.

Opponents do not bite, use weapons, grease the body, or grab an opponent’s belt. The victor receives no laurel wreath nor pheasant feather. Nevertheless, fans have never complained about the lack of pageantry.

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Straight Edge Sister by wrestlingXkitten reviews Seth Rollins thought everything was safe but how will you be safe or ever rest when the woman you love is there to make your life the true meaning of hell. With her best friends, K-O, and Chris Jericho, watching her back. Will anybody get their hands on the Women’s Champion?

And will Seth ever get his revenge on the woman who took it all away?

There are many talented ladies that get no mention in the documentaries and promos about the history of women’s wrestling in WWE. Diehard fans are the only ones .

During the bout, the Arrow star pulled off some pretty crazy moves Since then, he’s made a number of appearances on the Indy wrestling scene, working closely with Cody Rhodes who is the son of the legendary performer Dusty Rhodes and the Bullet Club. Last night, Amell had his first singles wrestling match against Indy wrestling icon Christopher Daniels. They’ve been hyping it up on social media for months now and in an impressive twelve-minute bout, the Arrow star won the respect of fans by delivering a solid performance which may point to him having a career in the squared circle one he’s finished playing the Emerald Archer on The CW.

He ultimately ended up losing but as you can see below, Amell still pulled off some pretty crazy moves and the Chicago crowd which was 10, strong ate it up. As of right now, wrestling appears to be a hobby for the actor but it’s feasible that he’ll decide to move on from acting to pursue it on a permanent basis somewhere down the line. Did you catch his match at All In?

Sound off down below.

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Follow/Fav WWE Dating Game. By: DougMaynard. What we’re going to be doing is having three wrestling superstars, who are very familiar to the fans here in Atlanta, GA three wrestling icons who competed for World Championship Wrestling, take the stage and compete for the hand of and a very special date with one of the WWE’s hottest Divas.

There have been many, many families involved with the pseudo-sport; generally, it begins with a successful patriarch, whose children all follow him into the business. If you’re part of a wrestling family, you have an in-built gimmick ; you’re a second-generation or, less likely, third-generation wrestler trying to live up to the legacy of your forefathers. You also have in-built allies when things get rough; namely, your brothers.

Sometimes however, family members are portrayed as antagonistic towards each other, especially if they are brothers. A Wrestling Family may be an actual family, such as the Guerreros or the Harts, or it may be fictional, such as the Andersons or the Dudleys. A family may even blend the two, as did the Von Erichs primarily made up of the Adkisson family, though two members, Waldo and Lance Von Erich, weren’t Adkissons.

A family may not even be acknowledged on screen such as the Anoa’i family, whose members include almost every Wild Samoan in North American wrestling [and the one sumo wrestler ] , though its presence is certainly felt. Compare to It Runs in the Family. See also Circus Brat , for another type of performance which runs in the family.

Wife Linda was the offscreen and onscreen CEO leaving the offscreen role to run for Senate in Connecticut , and a member of the board of directors it gets confusing because onscreen, Vince supposedly owns a quarter of the company, yet he’s constantly being thwarted by the rest of the board of directors, usually in the guise of Linda. Vince owning a “quarter” of the company is something of an anachronism, as the shares were flipped around during the Invasion storyline.

Shane sold his to a mystery investor to buy WCW. Vince somehow got control of Linda’s shares, but after the Invasion it was revealed that the two “mystery investors” were the same person:

Daniel Bryan

Stephanie and Hunter’s Little Wrestlers by black cat shadow reviews Stephanie and Hunter have been trying to have a kid, but have been unsuccessful. One night their wish comes true in the form of three orphaned boys. AU with storylines and ages Rated: Roman and Seth are there to make the save! He’s going to turn his father’s failing gym into a functioning business and earn his seat in the boardroom.

Jul 29,  · Now, I’m not talking about everyone, but most of the so called ‘wrestling fans’ on here (and alot of other sites that I have come across) absolutely despise faces, but love the heels. What really gets me angry is when a heel wrestler that the ‘fans’ love turn face, they jump on the bandwagon and become a hater of that : Resolved.

We post free videos, photos, collages, comics and links for Giantess and Growth fetish fans. Giantess Fatale – Giant Women who shrink and sacrifice male victims for sheer sadistic gratification. Giantess Gallery – A gallery of fan favorite giantess pictures, videos, and proffesional comics! Giantess Magic – Site about women growing incredibly large or men shrinking very small.

Has a membership section. Giantess Vore – Gorgeous amazon women shrink, torment, and eat little tiny men. Glass Floor Vision – Pictures of giantess feet from under a glass floor. Goddess Katelyn Brooks – Collection of collages, video clips, stories and art all dedicated to the giantess and related fetishes. Collection of self-made giantess, Size Change, vore and related fetish clips and collages.

Live roleplaying and general fetish chat. L Love your Giantess – Giantesses Goddess Bella Donna and Lady Dee present clips4sale, erotic stories, giantess roleplay calls, virtual giantess webcam, mp3’s and more. Miss Giantess – A giantess site with a member section by Misstress Chloe. Set in a Fantasy style setting with magic, demon’s, god’s and goddess’s as it main focus point.


The BoycottKeurig hastag was a top trending subject Sunday on Twitter. Some Twitter users posted videos of themselves smashing their Keurig coffee makers. Others used the hashtag to tweet their support of the brand. The ad removal came after Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore’s appearance on Hannity’s radio show on Friday to talk about allegations of sexual misconduct and inappropriate behavior that were first published in The Washington Post. One woman, Leigh Corfman, told The Post that Moore had a sexual encounter with her when she was 14 and he was

Internet-using wrestling fans in general have been called “the IWC,” or “Internet Wrestling Community.” (The Order of the Stick after the site name, Giant in the Playground. Fans of the other webcomic on the site are referred to as Erfworlders.) Readers of the dating advice-related Spin-Off Yo.

Ultimate Showdown Winner: Odin Balfore Ultimate Showdown Winner: Jonny Fly Ultimate Showdown Winner: Nathan von Liebert Ultimate Showdown Winner: Trios Cup Tournament Winners: The complete list of inductees can be viewed below, in their order of induction, along with a summary of each inductee’s accomplishments in WCF: From the moment he stepped foot in WCF, everyone could see that he was destined for it.

Ramblings of an Incoherent Mind #1:Wrestling Fans and OKCupid.